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This, is not only a newsgroup accessible through but an IRC chat room which is open 24/7! The IRC address is "" and they operate on the VapoNet.

Elite 4

The Frontier News Broadcasting System

This is Kris Kania's site, devoted to bringing you the latest and greatest info on the development of the long-awaited Elite 4. The layout is quite impressive and I enjoy making regular trips to see what's going on there. It is hosted by Rob Sharrock on the Frontierverse!


Ian Bell's Elite Page

This page definitely deserves to be at the top of the pile as it belongs to one of the two co-authors of the original Elite! You can get the original version of the game FREE here! (Thank you, Mr. Bell!) Downloads are available for all of the 10 or so different platforms the game was designed for. Links will point you to the proper emulators for each version.

The Acorn Elite Pages

This is Simon Challands' page devoted to what was considered to be the best version of Elite ever written. Sure, Acorn Elite is really only accessible to British computer users, but hey, Elite's a British game! Anyhow, I felt it important to put a link to this site as it does have lots of great information about this version of Elite and has some cool screenshots and animated GIFs too! Not to forget the fact that Simon's another Elite fiction writer and his story, Aftermath, is really awesome.


A site with some impressive graphics that pay tribute to the original Elite game.

Frontier: Elite 2

The Frontierverse

This site keeps getting better and better as I see it! Once the home to Elite fiction from many authors, Rob Sharrock has now turned his domain into a general Frontier: Elite 2 web site. There's tons of information here and an extensive set of links. The layout is also really neat! Check it out!

Frontier Astro

This site is REALLY cool! Not only is it graphically impressive, it also puts FE2 and FFE into a great perspective! It combines information from the games with real-life astronomical data and even shows you where some of the more popular systems are when you look into the night sky! Definitely worth checking out!

Frontier: First Encounters

The Alioth Network

This is another really interesting site with a twist on what may happen in the "near future" of the Elite universe from the perspective of the Alliance of Independant Systems. Dylan Smith gives some excellent combat tips which are pretty helpful for any newcomer to the game... or even some old vets like me... (and others!) He also has a very interesting Frontier News section which details points of interest in his own future vision of the galaxy AND tells folks about the latest Elite website updates. Another unique feature of this site is a set up for an Alliance Navy of sorts (which is something that Elite 2 and First Encounters never considered!) I'd love to get my hands on one of his super battleships and give it a test fly! (Maybe we should see if Commander Sharock could hack one up for us!)

Jades' First Encounters Page

This is one of the best known websites devoted to the latest incarnation of Elite.(This game rules!) It has many different pages on it and extensive information on the game. The only shortcoming of this site is the lack of frequent updates, but unless you're writing Elite fiction or something like that, you generally don't need to do that!

Hooplah's First Encounters Art Page

George Hooper's kick-ass art page with images of ships and equipment. Also, a nice downloads section. This is the site which maintains the roll of the prestigous "Order of Elite," which I now have had the honor of receiving as well. If you've played the game and became Elite, apply for membership by going to the Order of Elite page.

Sirocco Station

Dan Lind has provided a site with an enormous wealth of information, downloads, and links. The layout is very eye-pleasing too... particularly the really cool-looking banner! I tend to think of it as a First Encounters version of Rob Sharrock's Frontierverse. (I hope they don't mind the comparison!)


This is a page devoted to original short stories based in the Frontier: First Encounters universe!

LongHaul Outpost II

This is Jannah Berhin's extremely nice looking site! It is themed after a trading station in the system of Diso. Any Elite veterans will know this system well!


No, this isn't some funky word... yet... It means "Everything You Wanted to Know about the Imperial Courier And Were Afraid To Ask." and it's just that!


John Jordan's editing/super patch for First Encounters which not only allows the game to run in windows but also gives the player even more control over his or her ship! A must for the dedicated FFE player!

Sites dedicated to all the Elite games

Frontier Development Systems

This is the home site of the makers of Frontier and First Encounters. FDL is run by David Braben himself, one of the two co-creators of the original Elite.


This is a site that's themed as an Elite universe computer terminal. You can get lots of info presented in a new and interesting fashion.

Elite Games

This is an enormous site hosted in Russia. It's all in Cyrillic but it looks so darn cool that I had to link to it! Actually, he's got quite a comprehensive set of links and pages to many different space flight and trading games. (Just about all of which were at least inspired by Elite in one way or another.)

Zat Solo's Frontier Links

If it's a site related to Elite and it's sequels, it's more than likely on this page. This guy checks up on all the Elite sites out there and links every single one of them onto this enormous list. There's got to be over a hundred links on this page! The perfect starting point for anyone wanting to explore the Frontier!

Ironfrost's Elite Network

This is a loaded page dedicated to all the Elites. He's got an extensive downloads section, a cool shipyard, and a nice links page too!

Beyond The Final Frontier

This is a site with a less graphic-intensive design. I like it a great deal because of that. The author's even got a section for info on Elite 4 which is updated as soon as information becomes available! You can bet I'm checking this site regularly for the latest news!

The Dream-Ware Group

Home to Dream-Ware, ELITE/FE2/FFE Music and Fonts.

Other Elite-related sites

Vega Strike

This is another Elite-like game with some very impressive graphics!

Matt's Music For The Elite Project

this is the page that one of the The Elite Project team members generously set up for me to put my music on. Whether or not the rest of the TEP team uses it still remains a mystery, but at least you can download the MIDI files to hear what I've written. You can reach my own music page here. My page will be updated on a regular basis. TMK is, unfortunately, unable to keep updating his. However, you can at least go and read his impressions of my first few pieces.

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