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This page is devoted to my short stories. Most of these are based on already-existing science fiction themes.


Black Hawk Squadron

This is a story set in the Star Trek Next Generation universe. It tells the story of Starfleet Marine* Captain Christopher Maxfield and his perspective of the Battle of Wolf 359.*= Note: Paramount Pictures has yet to officially acknowledge the presence of an actual Starfleet Marine Corps, but the author doesn't care one bit! It's a still big universe out there!

Pritchard on the Frontier

This work is set in the Frontier/Elite universe. (3250 A.D.) It's a work-in-progress telling a story of an independant space trader and ex-Federal Military man named Mark Pritchard. This story is ever-growing and now has its own index page.Just so I'm following proper copyright laws, Elite is Copyright David Braben and Ian Bell, Frontier and First Encounters are Copyright David Braben. To see what this is all about, go to my Elite Page.

One Thousand Years

This story is set in the year 5260 A.D. and tells about a band of covert operatives working for a faction of a once vast and now shattered interstellar empire. Chapters 1-3 are on this first page.In actuallity, this saga is based directly on a MegaTraveller campaign I ran with some of my gaming friends in upstate New York. I have tried very hard to keep events as they actually happened in the game. (I'll apologize in advance if I mixed a few things up or if I left something out! We played this campaign over many many months and revived it every time I came home from college!) This story is also a work-in-progress.

Starship Titanic: Stage Play

Douglas Adams had a truly brilliant idea when he took a simple paragraph from one of his books and developed it into a computer game concept. Terry Jones also had a truly brilliant idea in writing a novel based on said computer game. Matt Fossa may have had a decent idea when he adapted said novel for the stage. Download it and see what you think! It's a long file, but well, hey, Terry wrote a long story!

Memoirs of a Rockjack!

Links to specific chapters: Prologue, One, Two, Three

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