Pritchard on the Frontier

Matthew A. Fossa

Welcome one and all to the home page of Mufossa's original Elite story!

This is the saga of small-time space trader, privateer, and Elite combateer, Mark Pritchard and his voyages through the universe of Elite (Or more specifically, Frontier: First Encounters.)

The storyline is original as are most of the characters. The illustrations included are a combination of my own MS Paint scribblings, screen grabs and photo manipulations as well as completely original work by Andrew Hodges of Devil's World.

Many thanks to all of you dedicated readers and also to all of the other writers of Elite fiction who have on more than one occasion inspired me to shape what was going to be a short little story into this multi-faceted... epic?

Incidentally, the music you should be hearing is my own Minor Key Remix of Aiden Bell's original Elite theme. (with a bit from the FE2 soundtrack thrown in as an intro.) To download it, click here.

For those of you who play First Encounters and are interested in knowing exactly what the specs of Pritchard's ships are (or were), click here to go to Pritchard's Ships Page!

Part One: The Gray Wolf

Mark Pritchard and Jeannie Dreyfuss stand in front of the Gray Wolf

Mark Pritchard, a lone-wolf trader discovers a plot to murder a powerful corporate executive and dashes to the rescue. This episode has six chapters which are all fully-illustrated by myself and Andy Hodges (a.k.a. The DevilMan).

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Part Two: The Rebellion and the Hooded Fang

Some scenes from the second part of the story!

Pritchard buys himself a new ship and, much to his own surprise, finds himself involved in a very interesting political crossfire!

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Part Three: Intermezzo

Scenes from Part Three!

After coming to the aid of Max Weaver and his gang of scientists, Pritchard joins them in making a beeline for the Alioth system. On the way, he makes a few stops...

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Part Four: The Secret of the Crimson Arrow

A couple of scenes from Part 4

Working together once again, Pritchard and Max Weaver plot their next moves against the INRA with the help of a few brand new goodies...

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Part Five: The Long Journey Home

Thrown over a thousand light years toward the center of the Galaxy, the crew of the Crimson Arrow encountered one of the last surviving Space Dredgers. Weaver hatches a plan to bring the giant ship home and under the wing of his powerful mining company. However, the trip home is going to take a while.

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Part Six: The Return

The mystery of Mitch Williams death finally solved, Pritchard, Weaver, and the crew of the Crimson Arrow must now prepare for the space dredger's return to Human space.

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