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Imagine, if you will... The year is 3250 A.D. For the last millennium, Mankind has sought its destiny colonizing the solar systems in the nearby stars. Vast interstellar empires have been established, aliens have been discovered, and wars have been fought. You are an independant ship commander. You answer to no one and have complete freedom of movement in the galaxy. The only limitations you have are the amount of money in your bank account and the fuel you can carry in your cargo hold. What are you going to do? Are you going to spend your time making money by ferrying goods between systems? Apply for military service and fly missions for the government, earning ranks as well as pay? Or, are you going to leave the confines of colonized space and travel to unknown and uncharted worlds where the only protection you will have is your trusty laser? Reputation and combat ratings make you more attractive to potential employers who are looking to hire a skilled privateer to do their dirty work. Eventually, given a hair trigger finger and the right amount of skill, you can progress to the coveted combat rating of ELITE. When that happens, you have truly become a master of the spacelanes!

There's even more to the game than this, but you get the idea. This is a game that I've been wanting to play all my life because, if I had the chance to travel into the distant future (and Earth was still around), this is exactly how I'd like to live!

"In space, no one should ever be bored!"

This page is meant for all of my musings about and tales of my adventures in the 33rd Century universe of Elite. I figure I should give some descriptions so that those of you who are curious, but have no idea what this is all about can get the gist of the game.

"Nothing's free. Ever."

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ELITE: A Brief History

For those of you who don't want to travel to the other sites to hear the full history, here it is in a little more than a nutshell:

Elite was created in 1984 by the British programmers David Braben and Ian Bell. It was meant to be the first original space flight simulator with an open-ended plot and no actual end to the game. It was a hit and was soon converted to work on every single American computer as well as other computers used all over the world! As the years went by, the game was updated and re-released with better graphics and enhanced features.

The first actual sequel to this ground-breaking game was Frontier: Elite II. Released in 1993, this was written solely by Braben and was re-designed to incorporate several new features for an added touch of realism. The latest incarnation of this game, called First Encounters, was released in 1995. Despite a few bugs, it was still a major hit. Graphics were improved and some new ships were added, not to mention a long time-spanning story going on in the background which you can choose to participate in or not.

Now, all of us are eagerly awaiting the next game, which Braben has confirmed he's working on. He says it'll be a souped-up combination of ideas from the original Elite and the sequels, taking the best of both worlds. I'm looking forward to seeing just what he has in store for us...

Right now, the only version of the game I am playing is the latest, Frontier: First Encounters. I have played Elite right from when it was first released in 1985 for the Apple II. I've bought and played the sequels and actually became ELITE playing the 1992 revision called Elite Plus.

By the way, the music you're hearing is my own orchestration of the original Elite main theme (with a little 11-bar intro which pays tribute to the theme music of the two Elite sequels.) to download it, click here.

Another souped-up version of the original main theme, revised by one George Hooper, which I found on Anti-Matter Productions' site, is available for downloading/playing here!


I am continually adding to my Elite stories. As I've said before, I won't be writing anything about what happens in the hidden plots. These are all original first-person stories using the game universe as a backdrop.

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Memoirs of a Rockjack!

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Expanded Elite Timeline!

Military Rank Badges

Elite Platinum

Well, folks, until anyone says so, you can still get something resembling Elite here...

Elite Platinum Page!


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