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(35Kb - 12 Mar 1999)
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(3:18 - 37Kb - 13 Jan 1999)
This piece is to be published (meaning printed and put on sale to the general public). If the TEP Team intends to use this piece in the game, I would advise you to seek Matthew's express permission first.
Tom's Comments: The piece reminds me of several old Gerry Anderson series such as Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Fireball XL5... that sort of genre. Not dissimilar to the title music from Frontier: First Encounters, this could well be the one that wins the battle for that coveted role... the Theme Tune.

(2:52 - 23Kb - 13 Jan 1999)
Tom's Comments: The first image into my head was of Mos Eisley, the spaceport in Star Wars. I had impressions of busy people running about, deals being struck, ships buzzing about the sky like so many flies. On the other hand, it also reminded me of the BBC newsroom at lunchtime ;-)

(10:52 - 70Kb - 13 Jan 1999)
Tom's Comments: An epic piece. As I listened to this I kept picturing scenes of an idyllic planet, ruled by a benevolent sovereign. The music ebbs and flows, and ranges from the dramatic to the peaceful. Very long by my own standards, but this makes it lend itself better to background music, or even something to play as the credits roll.

(3:55 - 47Kb - 13 Feb 1999 - uploaded 12 Mar 1999)
Tom's Comments: My first impressions are of a mediaeval town. Having said that, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in the future. Elite, FE2, and FFE all used classical music, after all. I imagined a marketplace or a busy thoroughfare, complete with knights in armour, when listening to this.

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