Stage play by Matt Fossa

Based on a concept by Douglas Adams

Adapted for the stage from the novel by Terry Jones

Main Characters:

Leovinus: The Greatest Genius The Galaxy Has Ever Known

The Journalist (The): A journalist

Dan: A businessman and former travel agent

Lucy: An entertainment lawyer and Dan's fiancˇe

Nettie: A very beautiful and intelligent blonde woman

Captain Bolfass: Commander of the Yassaccan Space Fleet

The Megascuttler (bomb): A bomb that walks and talks

The Parrot: A giant parrot

Important Supporting Characters:

Starship Titanic Robots

Doorbot: A stuffed-shirt robot who wears headphones

Deskbot: A none-too friendly robot that resembles a desk light


Corporal Golholiwol

Navigator Rodden


Nigel: Nettie's suave and sleazy boyfriend

Sergeant Stroud: Oxford Police Sergeant

Constable Hackett: Oxford Police Constable

Minor Characters (One-scene appearances)

The Blerontinian Head Reporter: A news anchorman

Antar Brobostigon: Leovinus's Project Manager

Droot Scraliontis: Leovinus's Accountant

Starship Workman: Shipbuilder

Blerontinian Club Reporter: A very attractive female reporter

Yassacan Prime Minister

Nancy: Nigel's second girlfriend


Blerontinian Reporters

Yassacan Space Fleet Personnel

Yassacan Demonstrators/Civilians

Loss Adjuster mercenaries

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